What Next

You are probably thinking you’re not really sure what you’re looking for in a Celebrant, but I’m sure you actually do know. It’s very simple really. You want someone who can take care of everything for you. Someone who will listen and get to know you. Someone who will inspire you and give you the complete confidence that your special Celebration will be a true reflection of who you both are and one that is full of the love and the personality that make you so perfect together. Most of all you want someone who will make it truly enjoyable, easy and completely memorable for everyone. Especially you! So I hear you asking how do we do that? Well, just follow these steps and you are on your way 🙂

 1. Give me a quick call, text or email whichever you find most convenient. We can have a chat and make a time to get together.

 2. We meet up at a time and place that suits for a coffee/tea/other fun drink and we can get to know a little about each other. You will have plenty of opportunities to grill me with any questions about what I do. You can ask me anything (I’m not shy). I will also take the time to give you a simple run down of how the whole Ceremony thing works. What the options and possibilities are, and how we can create a brilliant and unique Celebration for you to share with your loved friends and family.

 3. You can go home and have a think about how we fit (most people book me in when we meet 🙂 and if you like what you have seen and heard you can let me know and we will start making some magic.

4. When you have given me the thumbs up I will send you out some material to look over with some sample Ceremony bits and inspirations just to get you started.

5. Whenever it suits, you can pop the deposit into my account to lock in your Wedding Ceremony date and time. We will organise another time to get together so I can sight your original proof of identity documentation (Birth Certificates/Passports and Drivers Licenses or other photo id). We will sign and witness the only initial paperwork, the NOIM (Notice Of Intent to Marriage) Once this is done we can chat about other exciting ideas and possibilities for the Ceremony and just get to know each other a bit more. You can tell me some more of your story and adventures together.

6. I go home and get busy outlining and crafting your amazing and unique Ceremony!

7. We keep in touch over the coming weeks and months to make sure we are on track to producing the perfect Celebration for you both. I create a full draft of this which I send to you to look over and you simply let me know if you feel like making any adjustments or changes at all. I prepare all the legal documentation for the day, ready to be completed and submitted by me on your behalf immediately after the Ceremony.

8. Closer to the big day we get together for a catch up or casual rehearsal.  I will talk you through everything and ensure that we have it just right and you can feel completely comfortable (and hopefully really excited). Then you will be ready to relax and enjoy your day of Celebrating.

9. On the day I arrive nice and early with all the legal stuff sorted. I set up my PA/Sound System and make sure everything is in place and completely ready for your arrival. All you have to do is be there with your eyes and hearts open and take in every moment as both of you and all the people you love celebrate with laughter and even a few happy tears (most likely). Soon you will hear me say it’s time to Kiss and as everyone cheers, you will be officially Married 🙂